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Chicago - The Musical Reviews

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Average customer review: 3.0 star rating (2.9 Stars)

Number of reviews: 33



5.0 star rating Sonny Bozeman from Los Angeles


This version of "Chicago" is one of the best productions of all. How could anyone who loves musical theatre deny it?

5.0 star rating Jamie from Toronto, Ontario


I have seen Chicago on three different occasions, in three different cities and this cast was the best I have seen. There was tons of energy and enthusiasm from each cast member---it was clear they enjoyed the show themselves and that energy translated to the performance----and it was much funnier than any other iteration of the show. I would see it again in a flash!

5.0 star rating Erica Plemons from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


I, like so many others, have only seen the movie version of Chicago, but last night's show was absolutely amazing!!!!! All of the actors/actresses where on their game and it was a night I will never forget!!!! I hope to see it again and again! Was very much worth the money to see! Fantastic!

5.0 star rating Miriam from Detroit, Michigan


I attended the Chicago Musical @ Fisher theater in Detroit, MI on 12-Feb-16 and it is the best musical production I have ever seen. All thanks to the outstanding performance of the cast. Fabulous/fun/sexy !!! The choreography/dancing and singing is the best production ever. What a great honor for the Fisher theater to host this musical. Don't miss this opportunity to go see it. Don't mind the weather, it will get 'warm' inside.

5.0 star rating Maureen bolognone from Toronto Canada


My 13yo son and I saw CHICAGO yesterday ay the Fisher theater---amazing. We really enjoyed the show. After we went to the stage door for my son to get autographs of the cast. The actors were all very kind and he was able to get his program signed. Excellent experience.

5.0 star rating Wayne and Donna Mazurek from Schenectady, New York


This was an awesome version of the show. It had great singing , dancing and music. It was funny and entertaining. Best of all was the enthusiasm of the cast. No matter where you looked on the stage the cast members seemed to be genuinely enjoying performing. The leads were top, top shelf. The theatre is beautiful and seating provided great views. Don't miss it!!

5.0 star rating Dave Hartman from Chicago, Illinois


Let's start at the bottom; the actors supporting the leads are some of the best I've ever seen. Special kudos to Paul Vogt, who plays the gullible, sweet and sad clown husband of Roxie Hart, Amos "Mr. Cellophane". Mr. Vogt, you need your own show. And Alexa Lowis's Hungarian "Hunyak" was the most heart-wrenching characterization of that doomed character I've ever seen. Ms. Fouche's "Momma" the jailhouse fixer was superb and man, can she belt out a tune. The leads for Roxie and Velma are as good as it is possible to get. Powerhouse singing and non-stop dancing make these difficult parts and the actors ace it. Eddie George is a literally Huge presence as the money-hungry attorney. The man has some pipes on him. And all the Fosse dancers are snap crackle pop sharp. So, it's just that good, and will be remembered as a 2019 high point in Chicago theater long after it's too brief run.

5.0 star rating Vickie Seabon from Rochester, New York


The actors were original with great voices. You could feel the energy in every movement. The singing was chilling and the acts seemed impromptu. There was lots of spice in the performance that kept both men and women on the edge of their seats. Moma was a secret treat who really played the part. It was a performance that made the audience want more. I love the diversity and beauty in all aged and races. It is definitely an adult show with all sorts of humor. I love it, love it, love it! This is a must-see!

5.0 star rating Colleen Bevans from Houston, Texas


I've seen the movie and the musical on stage once before- this was SO MUCH BETTER! Christina Wells as "Mama" blows it outta the park!! This woman is a multi-talented dynamo-- I knew she could sing-- I mean- REALLY SING, but she was the best actor on the stage. Many times when a big name singer does a musical, the acting is not on point- she was just fantastic!!! Roxy was also very good- a fantastic dancer and believable. Great job to the entire cast!! The background dancers were fantastic, the band was fantastic- STELLAR!!

5.0 star rating CJR from Clarkston, Michigan


Spectacular! So entertaining! What a talented cast! The orchestra was phenomenal! What a delight to go to the Fisher Theater and see a Broadway sensation. Fabulous!!!

4.0 star rating Anonymous from Boston, Massachusetts


I saw the play for the 4th time in Boston on Sunday,November4th. It was the best version I have seen to date,Twice in Boston, once regional and one in NYC. Yes, Christy Brinky can not sing,(she held a tune) act or dance, however, she is so darn sweet and beautiful, her looks played the part. John Hurley was a wonderful Billy Flynn, his signing was in tune and his dancing was, well, Billy Flynn-ish. A Razzle Dazzler! The music was spot on and just so Jazzy. The supporting cast was beautiful to watch. They are strong in their dance, song and acting. The jury , what a hoot! That was the funnyest part of the show. My only regret is that Amos should have worn the bolla hat for his song. That would have completed his outfit and added to the look of the routine. I give this show a BIG FAT 4 stars, well done!

4.0 star rating Joe from Scranton, Pennsylvania


I attended the Sunday April 15 2018 show at the Scranton cultural Center. In short, the cast and staging were wonderful. The SOUND left much to be desired. For a good 25- 30% of the show you could barely hear what the performers were singing. Whether it was an issue with the mixing or the on-stage orchestra was just too loud it marred an otherwise spectacular performance. I will say this was the first time sound was an issue for me at this venue.

4.0 star rating Cookie from Houston, Texas


Overall it was a really well done performance. The dancers are fabulous and the lead characters well chosen. The Billy Flynn character was superb and as good a voice as Broadway. Mama Morton was incredible. Slow & dragging a bit in the 2nd act and for the life of me I don't understand why it was at all necessary to rip the wig off Mary Sunshine to show the audience the actor was a male.

3.0 star rating from Minneapolis, Minnesota


I thought the singing was good. But I was disappointed in the set and costumes. The dancing also left a bit to be desired. For what I paid to go to this show, I did expect a little production value.

3.0 star rating K from Spokane, Washington


Why add bad language - no f words but others. Took Lord’s name in vain twice. Not necessary. Amos (Roxie’s husband) was great. So were MaMa and Billy (the attorney). Dancing was great. Singing (besides aforementioned) was ok. Nothing to rave about.

2.5 star rating RJ from Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Chicago is a great musical. However, this Broadway Across America production leaves a lot to be desired. Both female leads were awfully weak and, sadly, they are not particularly good dancers. How well I remember the original and the revival (seen 3 times each on Broadway) and there is simply NO comparison. John O'Hurley is quite good as Billy Flynn. He actually came the closest to really capturing the flavor of the show. And, oh, they messed up the choreography something fierce! Yes, it's still worth seeing as it's difficult to destroy this show. But, a major disappoinment!

2.0 star rating Scott Miller from Houston, Texas


Wife and I went to see opening night. In short it was a pale comparison to the NYC and Movie version. Most main characters lacked real pop and believability. John Hurley, the male character of Billy Flynn was the only exception. John added his own flavor to the character and was outstanding and enjoyable to watch. Mama Morton, played by veteran Carol Woods was more wooden than Matron. I'm pretty sure that character is supposed to move when on stage ... not just sing (which she does well). The other characters tried to add their own flavor but,they just weren't consistent with the character. The lighting guy was on another page most the night and missed many que's and had the spot on wrong people. I suggest, stay home, rent the movie, pop some corn and save on the drink prices. You'll enjoy it more. .

2.0 star rating Terri Burchess from Lincoln NE


Christie Brinkley does not have the voice or dance skill to do justice to the role of Roxy. The rest of the cast was fantastic and they carried the show. I would love to see it again with a professional singer and dancer playing Roxy.

2.0 star rating Leah Tew from Atlanta, Georgia


I took my mother-in-law to see this show at The Fox in Atlanta, one of our favorite venues. We were very disappointed and left at intermission. We couldn’t understand what the cast was saying or singing, and the costuming left us guessing regarding roles. We had never seen the show before, so we couldn’t follow the plot and had no idea what was going on. Certainly the performers are very talented, but there just seemed to be a lot of movement and sound going on, with no real purpose. I have to admit that I was relieved when my mother-in-law indicated that she was ready to leave, because I was starting to fall asleep. A real disappointment, and an expensive one, too. We’ve enjoyed shows in our small, local theater significantly more than this one.

2.0 star rating Theater Lover from Chicago, Illinois


This show was so disappointing. The cast lacked energy and cohesiveness, there were issues with volume throughout (e.g we were in third row center and could barely hear the words), and the whole show just fell flat. The leads were weak, and there was no spark. My daughter’s high school production of this show was frankly much better. Would not recommend.

2.0 star rating Disappointed from Chicago, Illinois


This was rough. My husband got tickets as a surprise because he knows how much I love the show and this production was so poor, we left at intermission. The leads (and everyone else, but especially the leads) are weak. The dancing is unexciting. The blocking and choreography is boring, mediocre and did not take sight lines into account. The sound was off (music was not loud enough and some dialogue was hard to hear). No one on stage had any chemistry. Were this a regional theater production, I would have understood the lack of professionalism and finesse, but for the level of production and the cost of tickets, this was embarrassing and inexcusable.

2.0 star rating Maria Rosen from San Antonio, Texas


Velma was not her best today! Her singing was well done but the dancing left a lot to be desired! Low energy for Velma and way too masculine! The last dance was horrible! it was probably the worst version of Chicago to date!

2.0 star rating Jane from Costa Mesa, California


I was so painfully disappointed in this production. Zero set changes, zero sets period. Zero costume changes. There was some good choreography, but unable to really see it due to the black costumes on black stage. The show seemed to lack energy (even though the actors seemed to be working frantically) and I was bored and disengaged. The band was louder than the vocals and I could not hear dialogue, left me with a headache. I left before intermission.

2.0 star rating from Costa Mesa, California


My family was very excited to see Chicago, as we are all big fans of the original and the film. We immediately noticed at least 10 basic theater flaws by the second song. No sets, big props, costumes, and tech issues were some of the consistent issues aside from the acting and dancing. We all left disappointed and being my mother's birthday, she said she would rather watch the movie next time. The big songs weren't big, some scenes confusing, and overall a flop. With 2 theater majors in our family, we were surprised something "professional" could have so many newbie errors.

1.0 star rating Disaapointed in Norfolk from Norfolk, Virginia


We thought intermission would never come, and when it did, we left. Apparently there were others that shared our sentiment. I saw about 25 others departing from the same exit heading for the parking garage. I actually saw 2 couples leave during the show. Definitely a disappointment.

1.0 star rating Laura from Toronto, Ontario


This was horribly flat. No imagination, it felt like all the actors were going through the motions of one of the longest running musicals of all time. The sad part is, everyone is very talented, but I blame everything on poor direction and choreography. Really a shame

1.0 star rating from Minneapolis, Minnesota


scenery---boring singing---little harmony, voices of the leads did not go together well costumes---dull and hard to discern with so much dull black on stage scenery---too busy with orchestra on the stage, everything was a dull black, little to treat the eye Billy Flynn---little expression and even less movement overall---felt like cast was trying too hard and just couldn't pull it off, a very dull, underwhelming and disappointing show

1.0 star rating from Phoenix, Arizona


Boring! Disappointing set. Most songs sounded like repeats. Orchestra on the stage was distracting. I expected a lot more for $150/ticket.

1.0 star rating Egon admann from Las Vegas, Nevada


We left after 30 minutes,it was awful.Save your money and see something else.

1.0 star rating Jo from Chicago, Illinois


Disappointed in the performance, we were sitting in the mezzanine level and had trouble hearing the main characters voices singling or speaking. The band seemed louder than the singing and drowned their voices out. You expect a punch when you hear “all the jazz” but it was flat and uninteresting. We love this musical and we’re so looking forward to seeing the 25th anniversary show but left disappointed.

1.0 star rating Sarah A. from Chicago, Illinois


I just saw the musical in Chicago. I was excited to see this awesome musical in the city it is all about. We were so disappointed. The actors were one dimensional, or more infatuated with themselves then with true acting. There is zero, I’m talking zero razzle-dazzle. Costumes are all black, no costume changes, very small band not one single tiny sequence or glitter to catch the eye in the whole thing- except for the last number which had some cheap streamers. Roxy and Velma were poorly cast. Neither of them conveyed any character or personality. Both played it safe, flat, vanilla, boring. Both roles could be so much fun to portray, but neither of them gave their characters any dimension. I feel the same is true for the other cast members as well. This group, at first glance, looks like they have all the chops, but really they are inexperienced and amateur actors. The Director didn’t help them dig deeper or give more depth. I couldn’t wait to leave. The songs are great but their delivery made them on enjoyable . I was shocked and sad to see this very poor performance. Band was talented but didn’t have a lot of support. Neither Velma nor Roxy had any edge and fell short of their calling.

1.0 star rating Kevin from Chicago, Illinois


I hate writing this, but I want you to be able to make the decision for yourself if you want to drop some coin for 1.5 hrs of jazz hands and not much else. The cast has no chemistry. The set is severely lacking, opting to have the orchestra take up most of the stage, relying on simple lighting to carry the rest of the show. Because of the lack of space, there isn't nearly as much room for creative blocking, and as such the choreography feels so lazy. And it's such a miss to deprive the audience of the set and costumes that represented the period. Otherwise, it's a couple of flapper outfits and some leather vests and black see through shirts for everyone else. For the anticipation, setting, and cost of this show, you will expect much, much more. Hate writing a negative review, but honestly, they had it coming. My wife and I both reached for the gun, but couldn't find the director.

1.0 star rating Susie from Costa Mesa, California


I went to see Chicago at the Segerstrom center for performing arts last night. I was beyond disappointed and left halfway through. The characters were squeaky, whiny, and dull and had no chemistry with each other or the audience. No costume changes--everything was in black on a black stage, and very hard to see with a darkened out orchestra, all dressed in black, taking up half of the stage. Very little choreography and not worth the price. Save your money.


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