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Customer Reviews for David Spade

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David Spade is HILARIOUS!

Melissa from Chicago, Illinois
29th January 2024

The show in Chicago was amazing. David has the best comic timing and he is an awesome storyteller. I could not stop laughing. There was a blizzard and he still made it in and gave the very best performance. I can’t wait to see him perform again in the future. 10 Stars!!! ⭐️

"You Can Tell a man...

Heidi Browne from Tulsa, Oklahoma
17th July 2022

... by the relationship he has with his mother" (as my own mom used to say). It's endearing that you can tell he truly respects and adores his mother. We had a fun evening with Spade at The Cove. He was brilliant-- seemed so comfortable and at ease with himself. He certainly did not disappoint! Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves quite immensely. He's a sweetheart. His delivery is what cracks me up, and his facial expressions. I like that he's not too raunchy, and has enough good material that he doesn't feel the need to have to pick the lowest hanging fruit, like so many other comics usually resort to. His slightly self deprecating and semi-clean humor is what's won the hearts of so many... young and older, alike. Our only complaint was the line at the bar(s). That has to change. Thanks, Davey, for a great evening. Come see us in Tulsa again and again!

Great show but venue under-staffed

MarkL from San Francisco, California
20th November 2021

Davis Spade did not disappoint. His material was fresh but familiar. Hilarious and a bit edgy without going too far over the edge. I was a little surprised he didn’t touch on the historic court verdict delivered in Kenosha earlier in the day. His opening acts were great. Both were new to me and I’m a new fan. There was a big backup at the will-call window with only one worker, and many tickets were invalid (refunded due to postponement, then resold to unsuspecting victims). The line at the bar was worse. Only one worker and a long long line - unable to serve everyone before the show started. The venue itself is fabulous. Spade wasn’t happy with the spotlights or sound, but that might be part of his “shtick”. My seat was beyond great. Overall a very funny and satisfying show. David Spade in top form in a fabulous venue, lacking only an additional clerk and a bartender.

Great show

Glenda S from Cincinnati, Ohio
23rd May 2022

The 2 preceding comedians were excellent even though the show didn’t get started until close to 7:30 and was finished by 8:50. Spade’s show consisted mainly of his Nexflix show and gave no encore!! We would have loved to have heard some of his older stuff too!

Could have been better May 22, but going again this week!

Katie from Detroit, Michigan
10th January 2024

Long time devoted fan, since 1996. Been to over 20 of his live appearances. Attended show in Royal Oak May 22. My husband & I were disappointed. My sister in law liked the show though. The openers were funny. Venue was great. However, I can do David's entire routine nearly verbatim now without trying. He forgot some of his jokes, was dressed in sweat pants on stage, and didn't seem like had had much sleep. I think they rush him around to venues too quickly sometimes. I am going back this week, out of sheer loyalty as a fan, and hope he does a better show in Jan 24'. He used to really be a riot! Aside from this, he is really one sweet guy, and yes. His Mom is amazing.

Not that funny

Ravi K from Phoenix, Arizona
17th September 2022

The 2 comedians came before Spade were funnier, spade just talked about his anecdotes what he did after a while it was not interesting, people were leaving, i was sleepy and not what I sxpected